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Hire Waiters Sydney

Hire Wait Staff in Sydney

Hire Waiters and Bartenders in Sydney

Why put huge efforts into organising a party just to find yourself locked in the kitchen all night? Hiring waiters for your party in Sydney is an affordable way to add a touch of class to your special occasion, and ensure that all of your guests are fully looked after.

For any event, true success ultimately depends on the human element. We believe that it is the people behind the scenes that make special occasions run so smoothly. And so if you are looking for well-trained, professional and very friendly wedding staff for hire in Sydney, then look no further!

Hire Waiters Sydney is made up of experienced and professional wait staff and bartenders with strong backgrounds in restaurant, bar and event service. Whether a birthday at your house, a wedding at a hired venue, or you simply need to hire a couple of professional wait staff for your next party, we have the solution. Our waiters can help you with preparing and plating food; serving food (buffet or a la carte); serving of beverages on the floor or at tables; or even full bar service; as well as back of house kitchen duties and general glass and dish clean up.

Celebrate your special event in Sydney with style!


✪ Prepare and plate finger food
✪ Serving drinks
✪ Serving food (buffet or a la carte)
Bar hire, Bar setup and service
✪ Clean, tidy and pack down

✪ Weddings
✪ Special Birthdays – 21st, 40th, & 50th
Corporate functions
✪ Dinner Parties
✪ Plus much more!


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Hire our Wait Staff for your next Sydney event

Our waiters and bartenders see a lot of creativity across Sydney’s events. Our wait staff take inspiration from what they see, hear and taste while out among the city’s newest bars and restaurants, and deliver that same hospitality to their all their guests. Each waiter and waitress can easily adapt across kitchen duties such as heating and plating food, through to serving finger food on the floor or a plated food at the tables. Though every event is unique, the service your guests receive from our hired wait staff is right up there with the finest dining experiences there is to offer.

Our wait staff are experienced, professional, friendly and very competent. We are aware of the fact that a successful event results from preparation & communication.

Our wait staff in Sydney take great pride in showing off the hospitality offered by Australia’s premiere city. There is never a dull moment for a hired waiter in Sydney. From Artarmon to Ashfield, Bondi to Balmain, Mascot to Mosman, the Rocks to Randwick, or Surry Hills to St Leonards, we have you covered. It’s never a dull moment for our wait staff in Sydney!

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Hire Waiters and Bartenders for your wedding

Good for you! Your inner event planner has decided to put together the wedding that no restaurant or reception venue ever could – your wedding. Featuring your locations, ideas, family touches, special skills, and all the details in between. Whether you are a professional taking on a brief, or a bride/groom to be and want the day to run exactly as you’ve dreamed, there’s one important aspect that can be overlooked; an aspect that may prove the difference between a ‘nice’ wedding, and a day people talk about for the rest of their lives. We’re of course talking about the wait staff team that you hire for your wedding.

We’ll consider service aspects that you won’t have to- how set an efficient bar, rubbish/clearing stations, wait and party staff delegation and allocation. When glasses or plates are low and need to be washed. How to ensure guests eat enough and drink enough. But not too much! We’ll anticipate problems you won’t know exist, and solve them before you learn.

Not only is our wait staff well experienced in private and unique events, they are well-rounded, multi-skilled, and know when something needs to be done. They can take direction from a wedding planner, chef, or supervisor on the day, but they can also adapt and serve efficiently unsupervised when plans and deadlines need to met. With minimal instruction and briefing, we can adapt our many years across weddings, anniversaries, galas and corporate events to your special day, ensuring the most important guests, the bride and groom, are the ones having the most relaxed time.

There are just so many reasons why hiring waiters in Sydney for the most special day of your life is a good idea. After all, what’s the point of putting the effort in if you can’t enjoy your day of bliss?

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Hire a Waiter or Waitress for your Birthday

When it is that special time of year when you get another day older, it is not always the best thing. There is so much planning, so much cooking and preparing, and your stress levels rise to an all new level. Hiring waiters for your special birthday party (21st, 30th, 40th or 50th) is a very affordable way to add a touch of class to your special event. There are really so many reasons why hiring wait staff is such a good idea and offers such benefit, that you really can’t ignore it.

The struggle of trying to do it all yourself, is a headache not worth having. But if you hire our professional waiters to look after your guests, you can be assured that the services will be top notch and your guests will be relaxed and well-fed.

Our specialty is the ability to handle birthdays of all sizes and with all types of themes. We have experience in handling birthdays of any type, anywhere. Our experienced hire wait staff in Sydney have served birthday parties in conference centers, streets, restaurants, beaches, hotels, cafes, private dining rooms and even castles. We will provide you with the friendliest waiters to make your birthday a perfect one. Our hire wait staff in Sydney believe in being planned and disciplined and hence provide professional, flexible & elegant entertainment to your guests. Serving of food and beverages are done timely along with in time cleaning. Bar services are also a part of the party hours, and we let you enjoy the lovely drinks. So let this birthday be the best one that is memorable for your whole life.

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Professional Bartender Hire !

If you are looking for a Bartender in Sydney, then look no further! Our professional bartenders, drink waiters and wait staff can assist with any special event at your home – from big 21st,40th or 50th birthdays, to weddings, parties, bridal showers and baby showers! Whether it is a quiet intimate family dinners or an energetic children’s parties at your house, we can help you.

Professional bartenders and drink waiters set the atmosphere and define the life of the party. As long as they’re serving up the finest beers or shaking up classics, your guests will be happy all night long. Don’t let the drinks run dry! Our drink waiters, bar staff and waiters in Sydney are ready to help you make your next occasion at home, and event that everyone will remember – whether it be your wedding, or birthday party.

All of our professional bartenders and waiters in Sydney are well-trained, and very friendly, and are sure to impress all your guests! Their professional and stylish bartender and waiter services can be tailored to any function, party or event; regardless of your budget at any venue you like be it your home, beach, park, garden, roof top or venue! Relax and let our hire our bartender and waiter service in Sydney look after things for you.

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